Advantages and types of PTFE Rasching rings

- Jan 11, 2019-

The PTFE oxime ring is a Raschig ring made of PTFE material, so that it can be well distinguished from the Raschig ring made of other materials, and then the PTFE can be realized through the learning and mastery of related knowledge. The correct and reasonable use of the West Ring to avoid misuse, at the same time, can also make the product have a good use and achieve the purpose of use.


1. PTFE Rasching ring, is it a PTFE Rasching ring?

PTFE Rasching ring, which is made of polytetrafluoroethylene Raschig ring, and polytetrafluoroethylene belongs to PTFE material. Therefore, it can be concluded that PTFE Rasching ring is a kind of tetrafluororoxime ring. However, it cannot be considered equivalent to the tetrafluethic ring because there are other different types of tetrafluoxine ring. However, the structure of the tetrafluethic ring is circular and open-ended, regardless of its type.


2. What are the outstanding advantages of PTFE Rasching ring?

The outstanding advantages of the PTFE Rasching ring are, from a professional point of view, very good corrosion resistance. Moreover, based on its outstanding advantages, this type of Raschig ring can be used in industries such as chemical, fertilizer, caustic soda, petrochemical, electric power and pharmaceutical, and can be widely used. In other respects, the PTFE oxime ring also performs well.


3. Can I purchase the PTFE Rasching ring on the Internet?

One of the ways to purchase the product of PTFE is to purchase the product on the relevant industry website. Therefore, it is possible to purchase the product of PTFE, which is very convenient and simple. Complex and difficult. However, before carrying out this work, you need to have some familiarity with and understanding of the purchased products and their manufacturers, and know the contact information of the manufacturers, so that you can conduct telephone consultation to help you purchase the product correctly.


4. Is the open-celled PTFE Rasching ring superior to the circular PTFE?

The open-hole shape in the PTFE Rasching ring is developed on the basis of a common circular shape, and it has some advantages in comparison with ordinary circular shape in use, specifically, it can compensate for gas-liquid distribution. Defects such as poor quality, low mass transfer efficiency, high resistance and low energy. Moreover, it is possible to further improve the use performance and use effect of the PTFE Rasching ring, and exert its intended function and