Advantages of Pall ring packing

- Jul 01, 2019-

Under normal conditions, the bearing capacity of the Pall ring packing is increased by more than 50% under the same pressure drop. Under the same treatment, the pressure drop of the Pall ring packing is only half of that of the West Ring. The Pall ring packing, regardless of its orientation, sprinkles on the packaging liquid, some along the outer wall, the inner wall and some other windows that pass through the center of the leaf. Thereby, the dispersibility of the liquid is improved, and the utilization ratio of the inner surface of the filler is improved. The blade retains the original wall and increases the new surface of the gap, so it has a larger specific surface area than the window opening. The blades of the curved annular heart increase the turbulence of the gas and cut the dead zone between adjacent fillers by leaving the window from each other. Therefore, the gas-liquid distribution of the Pall ring packing is more uniform than that of the west ring, and the mass transfer efficiency is also improved as the contact area of the two phases increases.


In addition, the Pall ring maintains constant mass transfer efficiency over a wide range of gas velocities. The Pall ring packing is a constant height and diameter hole ring packing. Each window has 5 blades, and each blade recursively reaches the center of the ring. At the position of the two staggered holes, the hole area generally accounts for about 30 of the ring wall area. %. The utility model has the advantages of large porosity, small pressure drop, high mass transfer unit, high immersion liquid point, large liquid gas contact amount, small specific gravity and high mass transfer efficiency. The Pall ring packing increases the distribution of the steam, making full use of the inner surface of the ring so that the gases and liquids in the packed column can pass freely through the