Advantages of Polytetrafluoroethylene Tubing

- Jan 08, 2020-

1. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature - - - The influence of Teflon tube on temperature is small, the temperature range is wide, the melting point is 327 ° C ~ 342 ° C, and it can be used at a temperature of +250 ° C to -180 ° C for a long time. jobs;

2. Excellent corrosion resistance - - - Ability to withstand all the strong acids (including aqua regia), strong oxidizing agents, reducing agents and various organic solvents other than molten alkali metal, fluorinated medium and sodium hydroxide above 300 °C Role

3. Strong insulation resistance - - - Unaffected by the environment and frequency, the volume resistance can reach 1018 ohm / cm, the dielectric loss is small, and the voltage is high;

4. Unique self-lubricating - - - With the smallest coefficient of friction in plastic, it is an ideal oil-free lubricating material;

5. The protruding surface is not sticky - - - The known solid material cannot adhere to the surface and is a solid material with the smallest surface energy;

6. Excellent weathering resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability - - Long-term exposure to the atmosphere, surface and properties remain unchanged;

7. Valuable non-combustibility - - - The oxygen limit index is below 90, and the combustion level is V-0.