Advantages of Ptfe Tube Fittings

- Dec 07, 2020-

Steel PTFE composite pipe, except molten metal lithium, potassium, sodium, chlorine trifluoride, oxygen trifluoride at high temperature, high flow rate liquid fluorine, it can resist almost all chemical media, including concentrated nitric acid and Corrosion of aqua regia, it can work at 230℃-250℃ for a long time. Steel polyvinylidene fluoride or other vinylidene fluoride composite pipes have good corrosion resistance to halogens, halogenated hydrocarbons, strong oxidants, boiling acids, alkalis, and a variety of organic solvents, but they are not resistant to fuming sulfuric acid and concentrated Corrosion by hot sulfuric acid and nitric acid, ketones, esters, amines and high temperature sulfonating agents above 90℃