Analysis of properties and species relationship of PTFE rods and why graphite materials are added to materials

- Jan 19, 2019-

Bars, which can be said to be a wide variety, and the objects that will be familiar and understood below, are PTFE rods, because they are widely used and are manufactured using PTFE materials. Good use performance and use effect, so you need to have a good understanding through in-depth understanding, at the same time, you can also make full use of the product to avoid waste.


1. In the purchase of PTFE rods, is it possible to compare the considerations between them?

Tetrafluorocarbon rods, if they are purchased, are required to take into account all relevant factors. Only after comprehensive and specific considerations can they have accurate judgments and correct choices, and these considerations are from a professional perspective. Speaking, there is no comparability, and such comparisons have no meaning and value. Therefore, there is no need to carry out this work, that is, the consideration factors for the purchase of PTFE rod products do not need to be compared.


2. Is the performance of the PTFE rod related to the type of PTFE rod?

The performance of PTFE rods is mainly good in corrosion resistance and insulation, and has a small coefficient of friction. Moreover, in the existing plastic materials, the friction coefficient of PTFE material is lower than other materials, and the corrosion resistance is better than other materials. The type of PTFE rod is a push rod and a molded rod. They are the same in basic performance, and there is no difference. Therefore, based on the above, it can be concluded that the performance of the PTFE rod is independent of the type of the PTFE rod.


3. What are the common uses of PTFE rods?

The product of PTFE rod has some common uses, because it has good corrosion resistance and can be used as corrosion-resistant parts in petroleum, chemical and textile industries, and the friction of this kind of bar. The coefficient is small, so it can be lubricated without adding lubricant. In addition, the PTFE rod has good insulating properties, can be used as an insulating member, and has a good insulating effect, and the surface does not adhere to any substance.


4. How is the weight of the PTFE rod calculated per meter? What is the purpose of adding graphite to its materials?

The calculation of the weight per metre of the PTFE rod has a corresponding calculation formula, so it should be known that this formula is calculated to obtain a specific value to avoid erroneous calculation. The addition of graphite to the processing material of the PTFE rod is to improve the wear resistance, thermal conductivity, self-lubricity and electrical conductivity of the PTFE, thereby improving the performance and improving the use of the product.