Appearance quality requirements and inspection of PTFE tube and comparison with silicone tubes

- Dec 12, 2018-

The PTFE tube is a tube made of PTFE, and it is still in the tube category. However, if you want to use the PTFE tube properly and reasonably, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of it.  


1. Product price and manufacturer of PTFE tube ,which one is more important?

The price of the PTFE tube and the manufacturer, which are two factors that must be considered in the purchase of the product, are important considerations. It cannot be said which one is important because there is no comparability. In terms of product price, it is necessary to consider the three specific aspects of real-time quotation, price quotation and wholesale price of the product. In the manufacturer, it is required to select a professional and regular manufacturer to ensure product quality and product performance.


2. What are the requirements for the appearance quality of PTFE? How to check?

The appearance quality of PTFE tubes has some specific requirements. If these requirements are not met, they cannot be shipped to the market and put on the market. In terms of specific requirements, the color is pure white and the color is uniform and the surface is smooth. The surface of the tube should be free of air bubbles, cracks and external impurities and defects that affect the use. For the visual inspection of the PTFE tube, it is possible to check with the light to see if the PTFE tube has good permeability so that there are no black spots and shadows inside.


3. Comparison of silicone tube and PTFE tube

Compared with the PTFE tube, it is obvious that the two tubes are different in material, performance, appearance color and use. They are very different and can be well distinguished. In the material, the silicone tube is made of silica gel, and the PTFE tube is made of PTFE material; in hardness, the hardness of the PTFE tube is higher than that of the silicone tube, and the silicone tube is relatively soft, and the PTFE tube is relatively hard. In addition, these two pipes are available in different application areas and scopes.


4. Is the use of PTFE tubes important? How to put the PTFE tube on the steel pipe?

The use of PTFE tubes can be said to be an important aspect, so it cannot be treated sloppyly. In the use of this product, it is necessary to be correct, reasonable and standardized. It is strictly forbidden to use super performance and over-range. At the same time, do daily and regular maintenance work of the pipe, so as to extend the service life of the PTFE pipe. When the PTFE tube is placed on the steel pipe, the lubricating oil can be applied to the steel pipe, and the PTFE pipe is hot-hotted with hot water, and the heat can be placed on the steel