Applicable environment of Steel Lined PTFE 90°big Elbow

- Jan 06, 2021-

1. High temperature, high pressure, corrosion

The steel-lined PTFE pipe is made of special high-grade PTFE hose, high temperature resistant braided mesh and stainless steel twin screw hose, so it is suitable for special environments with high temperature, corrosion and high pressure. Under the pressure of 3kg/cm2, the inside of the hose can withstand high-temperature steam of 250℃, and the skin temperature is below 60℃ to ensure safe operation. It can be used normally under 10kg/cm2 vapor pressure.

2. Light weight and strong flexibility

After a special assembly process, the steel-lined PTFE tube with a total length of 2m (including joints at both ends) weighs only 500 grams. It greatly reduces the work intensity of the operator, and at the same time, it has strong flexibility, free bending, absolutely no wrinkles and obstructs ventilation.

3. Anti-destruction

The stainless steel lined PTFE tube produced with advanced technology can withstand 180kg of tension and will not be damaged in normal use.