Application of Polypropylene Pall Ring in Desulfurization by Silicone Process

- Nov 16, 2019-

A factory uses silica gel to desulfurize. In the desulfurization tower with a diameter of φ6000 mm, a Dg76 polypropylene Pall ring was used, and the filler layer was 3.5 m high instead of the original designed wood grating filler. The production practice proves that the polypropylene Pall ring packing has the advantages of low resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to break, difficult to block the tower, and high purification degree of desulfurization. The tower has been using this filler for N years and its production has been stable and normal. The use of this kind of filler instead of wood grating filler can not only save a lot of wood, but also shorten the maintenance time by 4/5, greatly reducing labor intensity.

Fluoride absorption

The acid-making workshop of a fluoride salt plant has achieved good technical and economic effects by using polypropylene Pall ring packing. In the past, the acid-absorbing tower of the factory used wood grating filler. Because it is crusted on the surface of the wooden grille, it should be cleaned once every three months, and the pressure drop is high, and the absorption effect is not good. The plant replaced the wood grating filler with Dg50 polypropylene Pall ring packing, and the height of the packed bed was reduced from 4.8m to 2m and 1.2m. The average tower pressure drop is reduced from 80mmH2O to 35~40mmH2O. In the past, four 75KW fans were used, and now a 100KW fan is used, which saves power consumption.

The absorption efficiency of the tower has also increased. In the past, the fluorine content of the tail gas was generally 0.07-0.08g/m3, and the average fluorine content after the reform was 0.0435g/m3, which met the national emission standard.