Application of PTFE Pall Ring

- Jun 13, 2019-

The PTFE Pall ring is suitable for use as a contact filler and other reaction towers for a carbon dioxide degassing tower, an ozone contact reverberation tower, and the like. The PTFE Pall ring is an improvement to the Raschig ring. The Laxi ring has two rows of rectangular windows on the side wall. One side of the cutting ring wall is still connected to the wall, and the other side is curved inwardly to form a tongue extending inwardly, with the sides of each tongue overlapping at the center of the ring. Due to the opening of the ring wall, the application rate of the inner space and the inner and outer surfaces of the ring is greatly improved. The airflow resistance is small and the liquid distribution is uniform. Compared with the lace ring, the spherical ring can increase the gas flow rate by more than 50% and the mass transfer efficiency by about 30%. The ball ring is a widely used filler.


In the desulfurization tower with a diameter of φ6000 mm, a Dg76 polypropylene Pall ring is used, and the filler layer is 3.5 m high, replacing the original design of the wood grating filler. The consumption theory proves that the polypropylene Pall ring packing has the advantages of low resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to break, difficult to block the tower, and high purification degree of desulfurization. The tower used this kind of filler for N years, and the consumption is stable and normal. The use of this kind of filler instead of wood grating filler can not only save a lot of wood, but also shorten the maintenance time by 4/5, greatly reducing the labor intensity.


The absorption efficiency of the tower has also improved. In the past, the fluorine content of the tail gas was generally 0.07-0.08g/m3, and the uniform fluorine content after the transformation was 0.0435g/m3, which reached the emission