Application of PTFE pipe in pipeline transportation

- Jul 16, 2019-

In industrial production and in life, PTFE tubes are widely used. Today we will look at how PTFE pipes are used in pipeline transportation.

Generally, the PTFE pipe ground equipment has two semi-circular hollows, and the rubber head and the pipe flat welding flange all enter the body. Two small semi-circular aircraft are installed at both ends to ride the flange outer walls on both sides, and the vertical surfaces of the two ends support the soil depth. Based on enough to accept external pressure loads. The number of equipment is required to match the locking bolts, after the equipment, the equipment. Method equipment: PTFE pipe equipment PTFE pipe protection equipment asphalt coating anti-rust paint, reduce 1/2 protection equipment in the upper 1/2 protection device, lock bolts consolidate convolution.

Which industries are suitable for transporting PTFE pipes:

1. Chemical industry: Process tubes and discharge pipes for the transportation of aggressive gases, liquids and solid powders in the manufacturing of acid, alkali and salt, fertilizer, agriculture, chemistry, rubber and plastics industries.

2. Power engineering: process water return water transport, water, waste slag, fly ash transport.

3. Smelting industry: the transportation of erosive medium in metal smelting.

4. Mining industry: mineral powder, slurry, slag, tailings discharge, backfilling, ventilation, pumping and shotcreting.

5. Manufacturing industry: transporting various aggressive media, sewage and wastewater.

6. Oilfield gas fields: oily sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas, oil recovery and gathering and transportation process pipelines.

7. Agricultural sprinkler irrigation: deep well pipes, filter pipes, culvert pipes, drain pipes, watering pipes for water supply.

8. Municipal industry: urban building water supply, drinking water, fire water, heat network backwater, gas, natural gas transportation, highway buried drainage and green belt