Application range of graphite Pall ring packing

- Jun 29, 2019-

Graphite Pall ring packing is suitable for contact packaging and other reaction towers of carbon dioxide degassing towers and ozone contact reaction towers. The ring of the Pall ring packing significantly improves the two rows of Pall ring packing in the window opening of the ring wall. This structure improves the gas-liquid distribution and makes full use of the inner surface of the ring. Compared with the Rasch ring, the capacity can be increased. 50%, and the pressure is reduced to half. The Pall ring packing is an equal height and diameter hole ring seal, which is based on Raschig ring packing, a hole extending inside the wall and the blade, each window has 5 or more Pall ring packing, each The center of the curved inner ring of the blade is staggered in the hole area opposite the two-layer window, and the general total area is about 30% of the ring wall.


The gas-liquid two-phase flow of the filler layer is greatly improved without increasing the surface area of the filler, and the hydrodynamics and mass transfer performance of the filler are improved. The Pall ring packing opens a number of window hole walls, and the filling column gas and liquid can pass through the hole free of charge. Therefore, the gas and liquid distribution and the Raschig ring packing layer have been greatly improved, especially the inner surface of the packing ring is easy to liquid moisture. Make full use of the inner surface. Therefore, the same material, the same specifications as the Pall ring packing of the Raski ring package not only has stronger performance and lower pressure drop, but also improves the separation efficiency of the tower and also improves the flexibility of