Brief description of the anti-corrosion process of PTFE tubes

- Jul 19, 2019-

As the most corrosion-resistant anti-corrosion pipe, Teflon pipe has received more and more attention. So how do you know how PTFE pipe can achieve such high-efficiency anti-corrosion effect? This article is mainly about the anti-corrosion process of PTFE tubes:

Pipeline anti-corrosion methods include painting, lining, electrostatic protection and cathodic protection. The PTFE pipeline is susceptible to soil, air and transport media (oil, natural gas, etc.), and both the inner and outer walls of the pipeline may be corroded. Once the pipeline is corroded and perforated, it will cause oil and gas loss, which will not only interrupt the transportation, but also pollute the environment and cause harm. Therefore, preventing pipeline corrosion is an important part of pipeline engineering. The Teflon tube is a problem that understands the above problems and avoids this potential threat through research and development. In addition, the initial descaling work of carbon steel pipe is the most important, it is related to the success or failure of Teflon tube corrosion protection. The rust outside the carbon steel pipe must be removed to carry out the next process. Otherwise, it will not play a protective