Can PTFE Rasching ring be customized and its type of material additives

- Dec 18, 2018-

The PTFE Rasching ring, which is a specific type of Rasching ring, and, in terms of its name, is processed by a PTFE material, specifically, a material of polytetrafluoroethylene. The following is the study of the PTFE Laxi ring to gain timely knowledge of the product.


1. Is it convenient to purchase the PTFE Rasching ring on the Internet?

Among the purchase methods of the PTFE Rasching ring, there is a way to purchase the product on the industry website, and from the current point of view, it is suitable to adopt this route in some cases in order to select a suitable product. Buying the PTFE Rasching ring on the Internet can be said to be very simple and convenient, not difficult and complicated. However, it is necessary to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer as well as the contact information of the manufacturer to facilitate the telephone consultation, which is also conducive to the correct purchase of the product.


2. Can the PTFE Rasching ring be customized?

PTFE Rasching ring, its products can be customized, according to different user needs or some special requirements, but if the product is customized, it is a non-standard product, in terms of applicability is not as good as standard products. In terms of product price and price calculation, it is also different from standard products. Therefore, this should be noted and should not be underestimated.


3. Are there different filling methods for different sizes of Rasching rings? Is there an additive in the PTFE Rasching ring?

The Rasching ring, which is available in different sizes, is related to the size of the Rasching ring. Generally speaking, the large-sized Raschig ring is regularly filled by the whole building method, and the small and medium-sized Rasching ring is filled by the random stacking method. Therefore, different Rasch ring sizes are available in different loading methods. For the PTFE Rasching ring, this same conclusion applies.


In the PTFE Rasching ring, if necessary, an appropriate amount of additives may be added to improve the performance of the Rasching ring. In specific types, there are:

Filler: From a professional standpoint, is to increase the volume and reduce the product cost plastics for the main purpose of the filler, the amount may also be referred zo Ji.. In addition, it can increase the utilization of the resin and expand the application range of the resin, and may also give some specific properties to the PTFE.

Reinforced material: It can improve the mechanical properties of PTFE Rasching ring and can be called enhancer. Its specific role is to improve the mechanical properties and rigidity of the material, while improving the dimensional stability of the product, as well as reducing the material shrinkage and thermal deformation.