Can the PTFE rod be used as a bushing and how to choose the right one on the Internet?

- Jun 20, 2019-

A PTFE rod is a kind of bar made of PTFE material. From a professional point of view, this is also a common and commonly used bar type. It needs to have some understanding and understanding so that you can know what it is. And how to use it reasonably, so as to the purpose of use, rather than the problem of product waste or misuse.


1. Want to choose a good quality PTFE rod, is it necessary to consider the product price or the manufacturer of the product?

In order to choose a good quality PTFE rod, one must do is to choose a professional PTFE rod manufacturer, which can guarantee the product quality and product performance, and further ensure the use of the product. Therefore, based on this requirement, it can be concluded that in order to select a good quality PTFE rod, it is necessary to consider the manufacturer of the product, not the product price.


2. How to choose the right product when purchasing PTFE?

Buying PTFE rods online is to purchase PTFE rods on related industry websites. If you want to choose the right products, you should understand some basic information about the products and manufacturers, including the origin of the products. , specifications, parameters, product quality and price, as well as product after-sales service, are indispensable; second, to understand what kind of material and cross-sectional shape of the PTFE rod, in addition to product pictures and product evaluation, to understand these After that, accurate judgment and correct selection can be made.


3. In terms of hardness, which one is higher for PTFE rods and nylon rods?

From a professional point of view, the hardness of the PTFE rod and the nylon rod is compared, so that the hardness of the nylon rod is higher, if you simply look at the hardness. However, these are two different bars, which are not the same in performance, so in a strict sense, the two bars are not comparable and do not need to be done.


4. Can the PTFE rod be used as a bushing?

A PTFE rod that can be used as a bushing, but it should be noted that the PTFE rod used should be hollow and not solid. In addition, if it is a pure PTFE material, its wear resistance is worse, so it can be processed by using modified PTFE material to improve the performance and use effect of the PTFE