Characteristics of PTFE Pall Ring

- Jun 13, 2019-

In chemical engineering, a filler refers to a solid material packed in a column, such as a tetrafluoropalate ring, which acts to increase the gas-liquid contact surfaces and strongly mix them with each other. The tetrafluoropalat ring was developed on the basis of the Raschig ring packing and was developed to improve the shortcomings on the Raschig ring.


PTFE Pall Ring Features:

The PTFE Pall ring has many window openings on the ring wall, so that the gas and liquid distribution and mass transfer performance in the packing layer are greatly improved compared with the Raschig ring.

The tetrafluoropalal ring has the advantages of low pressure drop, large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency and high operational flexibility. Under the same pressure reduction, the treatment volume is more than 50% larger than the Raschig ring. At the same throughput, the pressure drop can be reduced by half, which can increase the mass transfer efficiency by 20%. Compared with the Laxi ring, the Pall ring has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance and large operational flexibility. Under normal circumstances, the same pressure drop can be treated by about 50% larger than the Raschig ring. The ring is about 50, and the tower height also has a pressure drop, so the Pall ring can save 20~40% of the packing