Common Process and Chemical Properties of PTFE Pipes and Their Comparison with Steel-lined PTFE Pipes

- Dec 17, 2018-

The PTFE tube is a tube or pipe made of PTFE, which is made of PTFE. It is a kind of pipe. Therefore, since this type of pipe is mentioned, it is good to know about it. It has a correct understanding and at the same time, knows how to use it correctly and reasonably, and avoid misuse.


1. Is there a difference between a PTFE tube and a steel-lined PTFE tube? Can they be the same manufacturer?

The PTFE tube and the steel-lined PTFE tube, although similar in name, are professionally different, which are two different types of tubes. There are some differences and differences, so they cannot be confused. Moreover, it is also necessary to know that the PTFE tube and the steel-lined PTFE tube are made of different materials, the PTFE tube is made of ordinary PTFE, and the steel-lined PTFE tube is made of steel-lined PTFE. However, the two pipes have the same point, and they can be the same manufacturer at the manufacturer.


2. Common process and chemical properties of PTFE tubes

The common process for PTFE tubes is extrusion molding, which is extruded through a plunger using a suspension polymerization polytetrafluoroethylene resin. The chemical properties of PTFE tubes are specifically:


It has stable chemical properties, resistance to corrosion by strong acids, strong bases and strong oxidants, and does not react with various organic solvents. Moreover, this material has no polarity, heat resistance and no water absorption, and therefore is a very good electrical insulating material, and also has good aging resistance, non-stickiness and non-combustibility.


3. Do different types of PTFE tubes have different appearance quality requirements and different uses?

PTFE pipe, which has two kinds of molded pipe and push pipe, but it is the same in appearance quality requirements and use. It is required to be smooth and uniform in texture, and can not have napped, cracked, bubble, delaminated. And defects such as mechanical scratches. In use, this type of pipe can be used as an electrically insulating component or as a corrosive fluid medium pipe for transportation.


4. Can the PTFE tube be punched to install the branch pipe?

From a professional point of view, PTFE tubes are not suitable for punching to install branch pipes. However, if you must do this, you need to pay attention to some aspects, which are:


Care should be taken to avoid the problem of irregular corners. It can be combined with a utility knife to open the holes; the debris and debris generated during the opening process should be removed in time to avoid blockage. In addition, electric or gas welding tools cannot be used to avoid damage or damage to the PTFE tube.