Comparison of factors in purchasing PTFE Pall ring and how to save procurement costs

- Jan 10, 2019-

The PTFE pall ring, as the name implies, refers to the Pall ring obtained by processing with PTFE material. It is the same as the Laxi ring. Therefore, it is necessary to know it well so that you can know What is it, and the rational use and full use of the product can be realized, in order to avoid problems such as product waste.


1. When purchasing a PTFE pall ring, do you need to pay attention to the product price or the manufacturer?

The selection of products for the PTFE Pall ring requires consideration of all relevant factors, including the product price and the manufacturer. From a professional point of view, this is two important aspects that must be considered, but in terms of importance, they are equally important and not important. Therefore, it can be said that there is no comparability between these two considerations. Pay attention to it.


2. What mechanical properties does the PTFE pall ring have?

The mechanical properties of the tetrafluoropalate ring are: its friction coefficient is small, and this is also an important feature of the perfluorocarbon surface. Further, since the intermolecular force of the fluorine-carbon chain is small, the PTFE pall ring has no viscosity. In the temperature range of -196 ° C to 260 ° C, the Pall ring can maintain good mechanical properties, and since it is a perfluorocarbon polymer, it does not become brittle at low temperatures, and thus, problems such as fracture occur.


3. How to save the procurement cost of the PTFE Pall ring?

To save on the purchase cost of the PTFE Pall ring, it is important to determine the appropriate product price range or price range and then choose the right product. In addition, we must pay attention to product quality and after-sales service quality to ensure that the product has good performance and use.


4. Does the PTFE pall ring belong to PTFE or PTFE rubber products?

On this issue, it is obvious that the answer is that the PTFE pall ring is a tetrafluoroethylene product, not a tetrafluoroethylene product, because the PTFE pall ring is made of PTFE, which has no rubber material, and tetrafluoroethylene. There are rubber materials in the product, such as PTFE rubber gasket diaphragm. Therefore, based on this point, the above conclusions will be reached and there should be a correct understanding of