Comparison of PTFE rasching ring and metal Rasching ring and bonding with metal

- Nov 20, 2018-

PTFE rasching ring, which is one of the rasching rings, and is manufactured from a PTFE material.The introduction explains the correct use and rational use of the product through the explanation of the relevant knowledge of the product.


1. Is there a requirement for the manufacturer of PPTFE rasching ring?

The manufacturer of PTFE rasching ring is required in the selection. The important point is to select the formal and professional manufacturers to ensure the quality of the products and the good performance and use effect. Make the best use of it and avoid waste, and play the role and function of the product. In addition, it can also ensure that the products have good after-sales service, and if problems occur during the use, they can be solved in time.


2. Does the PTFE rasching ring have different models? Can it be customized?

The product of PTFE rasching ring is available in different sizes and models. You can choose according to the actual situation and the requirements of use, so that you can choose the right product. Moreover, the size and model of the PTFE rasching ring will affect the price of the product, and different models have different prices. In addition, it is also necessary to know that the larger the size of the rasching ring, the higher the product price.


This product of PTFE rasching ring can be customized to meet some special requirements of users. However, if the product is customized, it is a non-standard product, and the price is not determined with the standard product. The same, should pay attention.


3. How does the PTFE rasching ring bond to metal?

The bonding of PTFE and the metal, in the correct operation, is to first sand or pickle the metal surface. After the metal surface is treated, it must be wiped with the material treatment agent several times. Dry the metal surface. When these operations are completed, a flat material or a hard material in a flat surface is compacted on the PTFE surface, and it is appropriate to achieve a small amount of glue overflow on the external pressure.


4. Comparison of metal rasching ring and tetrafluethic ring

Metal Rasching ring, which is a specific type of rasching ring, is made of metal material such as carbon steel and stainless steel. The grades available in stainless steel are 304, 304L, 410, 316, 316L, etc. It is a random packing with a fixed geometry that can be used in many fields and is more commonly used as a catalyst support. Therefore, this type of rasching ring and PTFE rasching ring is not the same, mainly in materials, properties and uses.