Comparison of structure and size selection factors for PTFE Rasching ring structure

- Jun 01, 2019-

PTFE Rasching ring, which is a Raschig ring made of PTFE material, and has its own characteristics, so it is necessary to familiarize with and understand this kind of Raschig ring, so as to know how to use it correctly and reasonably. And have a good use effect, and will not cause adverse effects due to wrong use.


1. Do you have any considerations when considering the purchase of PTFE Rasching ring?

When the product is purchased, the PTFE Raschig ring has some instructions on the purchase considerations, and it is required to have a clear understanding of these instructions, so that it can be paid attention to and strictly enforced during the purchase process. Ensure that there is accurate judgment and correct choice, and then, to ensure that the right product can be selected. In addition, from a professional point of view, knowing these instructions, the purchase of the product is also beneficial.


2. Is the PTFE material used earlier in the material used in the Raschig ring?

Laxi ring, from the current point of view, there are many materials, and from a professional point of view, the material used earlier is plastic material, not PTFE, so it is certain that the answer to this question is . In addition, the PTFE Rasching ring appears after the appearance of the plastic Raschig ring, but, like the plastic Raschig ring, it is a ring-shaped filler with a fixed geometry.


3. What are the main structural differences between the PTFE Rasching ring and the PTFE pall ring?

PTFE Rasching ring and the PTFE pall ring, both of which are PTFE fillers, all using PTFE materials. However, they are structurally different and can be well distinguished. Specifically, the main difference between the two PTFE fillers is that the Pall ring has a rectangular window opening in the side wall, while the Raschig ring does not have this structure.


4. What is the choice of the size of the PTFE Rasching ring?

The choice of the size of the PTFE Raschig ring is determined by the specific use of the product and the requirements for use, and the wall thickness of the Raschig ring should be as small as possible, so that the material can be saved. . In addition, this kind of packing is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and inexpensive, so it is often used in some occasions and in the