Dimensional tolerance of PTFE Lined Piping

- Dec 19, 2020-

Everyone mentioned above that the maximum length of the lining is 4 meters, so when the length of the pipeline is longer, it will cause more connections, and each connection will have a PTFE raised surface. For example, if the design of a 100-meter pipeline is based on one Connecting one hundred meters of steel pipes will cause the back length to exceed one hundred meters. Therefore, you need to consider the 6mm connection specification for the straight pipe and the straight pipe connection at all pipe connections, and the connection between the straight pipe and the elbow or the tee. The connection specification of 15mm, the connection of elbow and elbow or the connection of elbow and tee needs to consider the connection specification of 20mm. That way, after everyone has designed the pipeline, it is not easy to cause major deviations when installing it on site.