Features of Tetrafluoro sodium plate

- Jun 14, 2020-

(1) Reduce the temperature rise, insist on the outstanding smoothness of the end face (make the parts of the PTFE gasket outstanding and work normally).

(2) (In easily vaporized medium) insist that the pressure in the sealed cavity is higher than the full vapor pressure, so that it does not vaporize.

(3) Insulation heat supply in the cryopump.

(4) With regard to the crystallization of solid particles and the seal of strongly corrosive media, the seal can be maintained without damage.

(5) Under better working conditions, the use of an auxiliary system will improve the sealing stability and service life. (The temperature, pressure, and rotation speed of some sealing operations are not too high. The operation can be performed without the assistance of a system.)

(6) The auxiliary system is part of the PTFE gasket