Five-point special performance of PTFE tube

- Aug 30, 2019-

1. Use temperature: steel-lined PTFE tube in the case of strong corrosive medium, the temperature range can reach -100 ° C ~ +260 ° C;

2. High pressure resistance: Under normal temperature, it can withstand the use pressure of 1.6Mpa. When the temperature reaches 200°C, it can withstand the pressure of 1.0Mpa;

3. Vacuum resistance: in the range of -100 ° C ~ +260 ° C, the lining pipe can be used under vacuum conditions, the vacuum resistance can reach -0.098Mpa;

4. Anti-penetration: After special processing into PTFE with sufficient crystallinity and thickness, the inner liner has excellent permeability resistance;

5. Solving thermal expansion and contraction: Effectively solve the cold and heat changes that occur during its use.

The above properties of the PTFE pipeline make it an indispensable transportation tool in the modern cutting-edge science, defense industry, electrical and electronics, chemical and machinery industries, as well as medical and household products.