Graphite Pall ring packing performance characteristics

- Sep 20, 2019-

Graphite Pall ring packing is made of pure flexible graphite paper. After shearing, the graphite paper is spirally wound into a ring-shaped graphite filler in a mold. The size is accurate, the density can be determined, and the purity of graphite is more than 99%. Any additional filler or binder. It is also possible to treat the surface with a corrosion inhibitor such as zinc powder. Generally, the cross section is square, and the wedge shape can also be V-shaped. The latter two are suitable for high-pressure parts.

1. Graphite ring has excellent high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

2, graphite ring self-lubricating is good

3, graphite ring rebound coefficient is high

4, graphite ring can be according to user needs, according to 45 ° oblique incision