Hose forming method of PTFE tube

- Jun 10, 2020-

The method of forming a PTFE tube is divided into a coreless method and a cored method based on whether the tube core is accepted. The PTFE tube is also included in this. Hose core molding means that the hose is molded on a hard core or a soft core. In order to ensure that the hose is under pressure during the vulcanization process, the hose is covered with water cloth, rope or lead after molding, and then vulcanized.

The vulcanization can be simply heated by steam in a vulcanization tank or successively vulcanized. Short-fiber hoses are short fibers that simply come in and guess, and then press out to form. Its manufacturing process is simple. It will slowly replace knitted hoses and cloth hoses. Contemporary hose manufacturing process tends to be highly continuous and automated manufacturing. Adopting thermoplastic rubber or plastic can save the vulcanization process, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process.

The secret feature of the PTFE tube is that the hose has a bright and beautiful skin, elegant appearance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and is not easily affected by external pollution. The PTFE tube is non-toxic, boring, safe and reliable, unlike the rubber tube which has an unusual breath. Has excellent temperature adaptability.