How does the Pall ring packing work?

- Jun 28, 2019-

The double-sided rectangular window of the Pall ring packing ring is on the ordinary wall. The window leaf is a center of the ring. On the two layers, the window is wrong. It is suitable for the carbon dioxide degassing tower and the ozone contact reaction tower. I believe that Bauer's small products will bring us tremendous energy, which will make our water better and better. Therefore, compared with the Western ring, the same material, the same size of the Pall ring packing, not only has a large capacity and low pressure drop, but also improves the separation efficiency of the tower, and the flexibility of operation is also increased. In general, the same pressure drop is 50% - 70% when the pressure drop and the West Tower are 50% - 70% when processing the same 50% - 100% of the same Western Pall ring packing, and the Pall ring packing can save 20% - 40% of the filling. Amount and doxycycline.


Bauer opens a lot of polypropylene ring holes, filling the column gas and liquid can be free from the hole, so the gas and liquid distribution and the Rasch ring packing layer have been greatly improved, especially the inner surface of the packing ring is easy to wet, inside The surface can be fully utilized. The blade retains the original wall and increases the new surface of the gap, so it has a larger specific surface area than the window. The blades in the center of the curved ring increase the turbulence of the gas, staggering the window and reducing the dead zone between adjacent packages. Therefore, the gas-liquid distribution of the Pall ring is more uniform than the gas-liquid distribution on the ring, and the mass transfer efficiency increases as the contact area of the two phases increases. In addition, the Pall ring packing maintains a constant mass transfer efficiency over a wide range of gas