How should PTFE plates be used

- Jun 11, 2019-

In order to ensure that all the supports are replaced during the use of the PTFE plate, it is necessary to make a more effective connection at the beginning of the connection of the chassis, and the base price of the entire PTFE plate will have more The steel troughs in this way add a range of moisture-proof properties, and they can also increase the seismic performance in such a way. In fact, during the installation process, we will have a variety of different locations, or in the case of a certain deep groove.


 During the installation of the PTFE plate, we must pay great attention to it. It is necessary to install a dust cover on the top. In addition, when the entire dust cover is used, it must be set with a rubber piece of 5 mm thickness. There will be some stainless steel beading, even in which there will be stainless steel screws for fixing, the structure of the entire rubber bearing is also different, compared to ordinary rubber bearings, they are absolutely different, and In terms of shape, rubber bearings can of course be divided into various types. Ordinary rubber bearings are less than 30 meters with respect to some spans, and the displacement is relatively small.


Different plane PTFE plates have different bridge structures during the production process, and they cannot be replaced by some other materials.


In the process of actual processing, the PTFE plate material is all adhered to various materials, and as such a material, their insulation layer basically takes into account various pastes. In general, the applicable temperature of PTFE plates is basically 120 ° C to 196 ° C, which can reach 190 ° C in just over a dozen hours, if most users use PTFE plates for a long time. Basically, their temperature ranges are also different.

From the current situation, the thermal insulation performance of these PTFE plates is relatively good, and it is particularly safe and reliable. The cost of the whole project is also very low, which can effectively solve the image of central heating in these towns, even their insulation. It is also very good with lubricated materials, and it can solve the waterproof problem to a large extent.