How to choose and use the PTFE Pall ring and product features

- Nov 22, 2018-

The material of the tetrafluoropal ring is tetrafluoro, so there will be a specific name for the tetrafluoropal ring. The following is a familiarity and understanding of this kind of Pall ring, so that the product can be used correctly and reasonably, and obtain good economic benefits.


1. Purchase of PTFE Pall Ring

For the product of PTFE Pall Ring, the purchase of its products is very important and critical. Only by paying attention to this work and taking it seriously can we have accurate judgments and correct choices of results, and choose the right products. Moreover, in the selection process, all relevant factors should be taken into consideration so as not to affect the correct choice of the product. In addition, the factors that must be considered are the product origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotes and price quotes, product quality, manufacturer and after-sales service.


2. Product Features of PTFE Pall Ring

The tetrafluoropal ring has the characteristics of large void ratio, low pressure drop and mass transfer unit height, high flood point, full contact of gas and liquid, small specific gravity and high mass transfer efficiency. The structure used can improve the gas-liquid distribution and make full use of the inner surface of the Pall ring so that the gas and liquid in the packed tower can pass freely.


3. The diameter of the PTFE Pall Ring is 75mm and 100mm. Which surface area is larger?

If the specific surface areas corresponding to the two diameters are compared, the Pall ring having a diameter of 75 mm has a larger specific surface area because the smaller the diameter of the Pall ring, the larger the specific surface area. In addition, the commonly used specifications of the Pall ring are five of 16mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 76mm. As the diameter increases, the smaller the specific surface area, the smaller the number of stacks and the smaller the stacking weight. .


4. Is the PTFE, ceramic and metal Pall ring the same for specific applications?

The tetrafluoropal ring is one of the plastic Pall rings. Plastic Pall rings, which are mainly used in medium and low temperature stripping, absorption and washing towers, and other reaction towers as contact fillers. Ceramic Pall ring, which is mainly used in carbon dioxide degassing tower acid mist purification tower and ozone contact reaction tower, metal Pall ring, which can be used in vacuum rectification tower to treat some easily decomposed, easy to polymerize and A material that is easy to carbonize. Therefore, the tetrafluoropal ring, the ceramic Pall ring and the metal Pall ring are different in specific applications.