How to choose the PTFE plate and the manufacturer's selection requirements

- Nov 16, 2018-

A PTFE plate is a kind of plate made of PTFE. From the current point of view, this product has a wide range of applications. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out in-depth understanding to know how to use it correctly and reasonably. Furthermore, there is a good use effect in the use of the product, and it can be fully utilized.


1. Purchase of PTFE board and its purchase route

The purchase of PTFE plates is an important task, and it cannot be treated and carried out because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the normal use of the product and its use, and even the product cannot be used. This will bring about economic losses and waste of products. Therefore, this specific requirement will be met and strictly enforced.


From the current point of view, there are three main ways to purchase PTFE plates. One is to find the manufacturer directly to purchase, the other is to purchase the product through agents, and the third is to carry out the product on its related industry website. Purchase. However, what you need to know is that no matter which way you choose, you need to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer before you can make an accurate judgment and have the correct choice.


2. When the PTFE plate is purchased, is there a requirement for the manufacturer's choice?

When purchasing a PTFE plate, there are some requirements for the manufacturer's choice. Specifically, it is required to select a professional and regular manufacturer, because the quality of the product and the use of the product will be guaranteed. If the product has problems during use, it can be resolved in time to avoid serious consequences due to delays.


3. Is the material used in the PTFE board widely used?

The material used in the PTFE plate is a material of polytetrafluoroethylene. From the current point of view, this material has a wide range of applications and can be used in atomic energy, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, mechanical, instrumentation, In industries such as construction, textiles and food, it can be used as a high temperature resistant and low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and insulating material. It can be formed by compression or extrusion processing in the processing mode.


4. What is the specific use of a 5mm thick PTFE plate for construction?

The building uses a 5mm thick PTFE plate. If structural measures are taken, the influence of the stair members on the rigidity of the main structure can be reduced. Compared with the ordinary plate stairs, it has an irreplaceable superiority. However, in the design stage, some specific aspects need to be considered to ensure good use of the PTFE plate.