How to identify the PTFE tube and its cold-press sintering in a dust-free environment

- Jan 28, 2019-

A pipe made of a material such as polytetrafluoroethylene may be called a PTFE pipe, so the material used is a PTFE material, and the following is an introduction to the pipe material, that is, related Explain and explain the knowledge, and thus know what is the PTFE tube and in which occasions can be used reasonably, so that the product can be fully utilized and the product can be avoided during use.


1. Is it convenient to purchase PTFE tubes online?

Among the products of the PTFE tube, there is a work on the relevant industry website, and from the operation point of view, it is very simple and convenient, not difficult and complicated. However, you need to know a little bit, you need to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer and the contact information of the manufacturer, so that it is convenient to conduct telephone consultation, and then help you to purchase the right product.


2. What are the requirements for a good quality PTFE? How to identify the PTFE tube?

A good quality PTFE tube, which meets some requirements and conditions, is specifically: in the material, the use of properties and good quality materials for manufacturing; in use, should be simple and convenient, the use of the process It is not easy to have defects in the process, and it is not easy to be damaged or damaged; the PTFE pipe should have a long service life in terms of service life.


How to identify the PTFE tube? First, check the appearance and color of the PTFE tube, whether it is pure white, whether the color is uniform, whether the surface is smooth, and whether there are bubbles, cracks, and external impurities and defects that do not affect the normal use of the tube. If it is a molded PTFE tube, it allows the powder to be evenly laid in the mold cavity during the processing, so that the wall thickness is uniform and the density is uniform, and the dimensional shrinkage is consistent, so it is necessary to have the outer diameter of the PTFE tube. These parameters, such as the inner diameter, are measured to see if there is an outer diameter and inner diameter tolerance, if any, within the allowable range. In addition, it is also possible to use light to illuminate to check the permeability of the PTFE tube. The PTFE tube of good quality has uniform light transmission. If cloud spots or delamination occur, the quality of the PTFE tube is not good. If black spots or black shadows appear, impurities are mixed into the processing material of the PTFE tube. At this time, the physical properties of the tube can be tested to check whether it has an influence on the tube.


3. Why does the PTFE tube cold press sintering have to be carried out in a dust-free environment?

In the process of processing the PTFE tube, if the tube body has impurities, because the impurity and the PTFE resin cannot form a uniform interface, there will be a stress concentration point on the bonding surface of the impurity and the resin, and further, the tube body is used. The phenomenon of stress cracking or even tearing in the process will seriously affect the service life of the PTFE tube. Therefore, the cold pressing sintering of the PTFE tube is required to be carried out in a dust-free environment to avoid these