Instructions for the purchase of PTFE tube and connection to iron flanges

- May 14, 2019-

PTFE tube, which is a specific type of pipe material, and is a pipe made of PTFE tube , so it is necessary to familiarize and understand it, to know what it is and how to use it properly and have good use. The effect, not the wrong use.


1. What are the requirements for the purchase of PTFE tubes?

The requirements for the purchase of PTFE tubes in the product are as follows: In terms of attitude, it is necessary to be cautious and take it seriously, and not to be scornful and sloppy. In terms of purchase considerations, you need to know what are the important considerations and what are the necessary considerations, and also consider all relevant factors comprehensively and comprehensively so that you can have accurate judgments and correct choices.


2. Is there a difference between a PTFE tube, a steel-lined PTFE tube and a lined plastic tube?

From a professional point of view, PTFE pipes, steel-lined PTFE pipes and lined plastic pipes are obviously different because they are different in materials and production processes, and they have different application fields, so in use, These three types of pipes cannot be confused, so as to avoid adverse effects on various problems in selection and use.


3. What are the connections between the PTFE tube and the iron flange?

The connection between the PTFE tube and the iron flange needs to be known mainly: in use, it can be either an ordinary PTFE tube or a steel-lined PTFE tube. Which one is selected is the actual situation and Use the requirements to decide. Moreover, there can be no mistakes in this choice to avoid problems. The service life of the PTFE tube is determined by the processing technology and use of the PTFE tube. If it is used correctly and in a standardized manner, it can have a long service life and can be used for several years or more.


4. Is there a difference between a transparent PTFE tube and a transparent Teflon tube?

Transparent PTFE tubes and transparent Teflon tubes, there are some differences or differences between the two, because from their name, this is two different tubes and different materials, the former is PTFE The latter is Teflon, so you can't confuse them. You should make the right choice according to the needs of use, etc., to ensure that the pipe can be used normally and has good