Introduction of polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) lining

- Jun 05, 2019-

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) lining commonly known as loose liner. This technology uses a PTFE rod turned into a film, which is coiled and sintered. It is suitable for normal pressure and positive pressure conveying pipelines (such as three waste treatment pipelines, etc.), and should not be used for pipelines with load (such as pump inlet and outlet, and pipelines that can be negatively pressured by falling or chilling) . The specific technology of the coiled pipe lining method of PTFE cloth pipe technology is as follows: the PTFE bar material produced by molding is cut into thin strips by lathe, and the PTFE strip is coiled in a pre-planned scale by manual or mechanical means. On the mold, after reaching the thickness of the pleading, and then wrapping three to four layers of alkali-free glass ribbon in the same way, the outermost layer is tied with iron wire, and then sent to a sintering furnace for forming, and after sintering, it is taken out and cooled with water, and then used. The mold is demoulded by hand or mechanically, and then inserted into the steel pipe, which ends when the flange is turned.


The coiled tube is a kind of widely used one. The tube has a large degree of freedom when it is produced. It can be from small diameter to large diameter (up to Φ 2000mm). The tube is coiled with a turning film and sintered. The integrity and uniformity are related to the tension at the time of coiling, the thickness of the film, the cleanliness of the surface of the film, the temperature and time of sintering, etc., which are difficult to grasp. Due to the large number of coiled layers, it is technically difficult to control, and it is difficult to ensure the integrity and uniformity after sintering. Therefore, the maximum wall thickness of the coiled tube does not exceed 3mm, the production process is more, the control is not tight, the processing method is mainly manual PTFE, the quality is unstable, lack of powerful viewing method, and the coiled tube is loosely lined. Pipe wall book, when the negative pressure and temperature difference are large, the pipe is easy to be twitched and the flange flange is easy to