Introduction of PTFE Pall Ring

- Jun 12, 2019-

The PTFE Pall ring is an innovative filler that is modified for some defects of the Raschig ring. It is an eight-story square window on the wall of a common Raschig ring. The small window blades are at the center of the ring. The upper and lower window positions are formed by overlapping each other. The Pall ring packing is a new type of packing proposed for some defects in the lace ring.


The PTFE Pall ring is made by opening eight square windows on the wall of a common lace ring. The blades of the small window overlap at the center of the ring, and the positions of the upper and lower windows overlap. The main difference between the filler and the filler is that there are rectangular openings in the side walls, and the window edges of the apertures are bent into the center of the ring. Due to the opening of the annular wall, the gas-liquid dispersion performance is greatly improved, and in particular, the inner and outer surface areas of the ring can be fully utilized.


Characteristics of the PTFE Pall ring:


The PTFE Pall ring has the advantages of large flow, low resistance, high separation efficiency and flexible operation. Under the same pressure drop, the processing capacity of the Pall ring packing is more than 50% larger than the lace ring packing. At the same throughput, the amount of reduced pressure can be reduced by half, and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with the Raschig ring, this kind of filler has the characteristics of large consumption, strong resistance and large operational flexibility. Under the normal conditions, the same pressure drop is about 50% of the handle of the Rachel ring, and the pressure drop is lower than the Raschig ring. Small 50%-70%, the tower height also has a pressure drop, and the Pall ring can be about 20%-40% of the packing volume than the Raschig