Material classification of Raschig ring packing

- Jun 26, 2019-

The material of Raschig ring packing is mainly divided into metal, ceramic and plastic.


1. The plastic Raschig ring is the earliest ring packing with fixed geometry in the history of tower packing. The Laxi ring is characterized by the same outer diameter and height of the packing ring, simple structure and low price, but the liquid distribution is uneven and serious. Wall flow and other phenomena.


2. Ceramic Laxi ring is mainly used in drying towers, absorption towers, washing towers, regeneration towers, etc. in chemical, metallurgical, gas and oxygen industries.


3. The metal Raschig ring was first invented as a random packing with a fixed geometry. It has a simple shape and the height is equal to the diameter. The large-sized Raschig ring (100MM or more) is generally filled in a regular manner, and the Lacy ring below the 75MM size is generally loaded by a random stack. Metal Raschig rings are widely used in many fields, but the most important area of its application is as a catalyst