Material of PTFE pall ring

- Jun 15, 2019-

The contact of the tetrafluoropal ring with the medium requires that the metal material has good corrosion resistance and needs to be resistant to corrosion of the medium. In the actual industrial production, the choice of materials for the PTFE Pall ring should be considered according to actual needs. First, the physical properties (corrosiveness, surface tension, etc.) of the materials to be treated, operating conditions (temperature, pressure) should be selected, followed by bed weight, load-bearing capacity, ease of installation and maintenance, and tower pressure, flux, and efficiency. , investment size, etc. to consider.


PTFE Pall ring can withstand high operating temperature, good processing performance, light weight, good toughness, high mass transfer efficiency and good compressive strength, but the corrosion resistance is different from that of plastic and ceramic filler. . Therefore, the specific selection also needs to be screened according to the above conditions.

Application of PTFE Pall Ring:

PTFE Pall ring is suitable for various separation, absorption, desorption, atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, vacuum distillation tower, ammonia decarburization, desulfurization system, separation of ethylbenzene, isooctane / methyl separation, etc. Degassing tower, ozone contact reaction tower, etc. as contact fillers and other reaction towers; suitable for contact oxidation process in the field of sewage treatment, microorganisms will accumulate on the surface of the filler to increase contact with the surface of the sewage, and degrade the