Material process of PTFE rod

- Oct 05, 2019-

PTFE gaskets, also known as PTFE gaskets or Teflon gaskets. Flat gaskets, V-shaped gaskets, piston rings, ball valve gaskets, which are mechanically turned or cut from PTFE rods, tubes and plates. It has outstanding properties such as corrosion resistance, aging resistance and non-conduction.

Teflon gasket is a kind of clean and sealed product. It does not pollute any substances it touches. It can be widely used in machinery such as food and medicine.

1) Preparation of PTFE rod gasket raw materials: Ingredients: pure F4 finished product, material F4 fine resin, mashed, sieved;

2) Preparation of PTFE bar gasket mold: wipe with alcohol, no rust in the mold, no attachment;

3) Weighing, according to the formula G = PV (where G is the feed amount, P is the pre-finished density (2.18g / cm3); V is the finished product volume) weigh the component;

4) PTFE bar gasket feeding: F4 resin is evenly distributed on all limiting surfaces;

5) Pre-forming (restriction): Calculate the gauge pressure according to the formula and set the gauge pressure. Make restrictions;

6) Sintering: slowly put the semi-finished product into the sintering furnace, put it into a suitable number, raise the temperature to about 390 degrees for one hour, and then keep it for one hour. After the molding, the temperature is lowered at the beginning, and after about four hours, it arrives indoors;

7) Demoulding and trimming: The semi-finished product is taken out from the mold, and its appearance is trimmed to make it look flat and marginal, ready for molding.