Matrix of PTFE Lined Piping

- Dec 31, 2020-

The PTFE-lined pipeline not only has the mechanical strength function of steel pipe, but also has the advantages of plastic pipe corrosion resistance, non-scaling, difficult to grow microorganisms, and can ensure the purity of the conveying medium. It is the best alternative to rubber, glass lined, and glass fiber reinforced plastic. Resistant to corrosion products. Its service life exceeds that of stainless steel pipes, and it is the ideal anti-corrosion pipe for transporting acid, alkali, salt, gas, and ore slurry. But the price is only one-fourth of the stainless steel pipe, which stands out among all kinds of anti-corrosion pipes. The pipe fittings (including elbows, three links, four links, and the number one size) are all made of steel shells, lined with plastics and are all injection molded.

The PTFE-lined pipe is made of general carbon steel pipe as the matrix, and is lined with a thermoplastic pipe with excellent chemical stability. After cold-drawn composite or rotational molding, the PTFE-lined pipe has the mechanical function of a steel pipe and the resistance of a plastic pipe. Corrosion, anti-scaling, not easy to grow microorganisms, it is an ideal pipeline for transporting acid, alkali, salt, corrosive gas and other media. It is lined with food grade polypropylene and can be used in food, medicine and drinking water industries.

Product features of PTFE-lined pipes: wide range of application, complete standard varieties; common production technology; reliable and convenient connection method, perfect and beautiful exterior corrosion prevention methods; reasonable description of the wall thickness of the outer welded pipe; reasonable wall thickness of the inner plastic pipe, Guaranteed diameter; has excellent corrosion resistance, energy saving and environmental protection.