Melt viscosity of PPtfe Hose Pipe

- Jun 02, 2020-

The melt viscosity of the PTFE tube is very high, and it does not flow at high temperature. It is above the melting point (327°C), the melt viscosity is 1010 Pa.s, and it does not flow even when it is heated to the decomposition temperature, which makes it impossible to use the general thermoplastic molding method, but to use a sintering method similar to powder metallurgy;

PTFE tube has outstanding non-stickiness, which limits its industrial application. It is a good anti-sticking material, which makes it difficult to adhere to the surface of other objects;

The thermal conductivity of the PTFE tube is low, and the thermal conductivity is relatively high. This not only prevents it from being used as a bearing material, but also makes it impossible to quench when manufacturing thick-walled products;

The linear expansion coefficient of PTFE tube is 10~20 times that of steel, which is larger than most plastics, and its linear expansion coefficient changes very irregularly with the change of temperature. When applying PTFE, if you do not pay enough attention to this performance, it is easy to cause losses.