Method to extend the life of PTFE rod

- Jun 01, 2020-

Teflon rods can be used for a long time, and all the angle iron flange support hanger brush camphor two roads to destroy the zinc coating of the air duct should be rust-free galvanized, the plastic pipe surface is painted with two blending paints, clearly exposed In order to coordinate some paint colors and decorative colors, the colors are used according to the surrounding decorative colors.

Apply the pipe fittings of PTFE rod and the steel frame on the support frame and base of the equipment to the two channels of the anti-rust primer after rust removal. The exposed parts should be repainted in two ways.

In addition, sometimes the Teflon rods need to be tightly combined with the insulation layer, and the fireproof coating is evenly painted. Only the insulation and anticorrosion measures of the Teflon tube are in place, no bubbles and warpage angles, and the glass cloth is tightly wrapped to extend it Service life.