Pall ring packing characteristics

- Jun 25, 2019-

The Bauer ring is a great advancement on the basis of the Raschig ring, and the ring diameter is equal to the height, but the ring wall has two rows of tongue windows, each layer of holes and five tongues. This structure increases the distribution of gases and liquids, making full use of the inner surface of the ring. Compared to the Raschig ring, the capacity can exceed 50%, and the lower half of the pressure; usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic. The Pall ring packing has large flux and low resistance, and has high separation efficiency and large operation flexibility. At the same pressure drop, the processing of the Raschig ring can exceed 50%. At the same capacity, the reduction can be reduced by half and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by 20%. Compared with the Raschig ring, the Pall ring packing has a huge production capacity, strong resistance, large operation flexibility, and the like, under normal circumstances, the pressure drop of the Raschig ring is 50% to 100%, the same treatment, when the pressure The drop is less than 50% - 50% of the Raschig ring, and the pressure is also reduced by using the Pall ring packing, which can be about 20% - 20% smaller than the Raschig ring packing.


In the same volume of the Pall ring packing, the weight of the Pall ring packing is determined by the different materials. Such as: the general plastic Pall ring packing is very light, covers a cubic meter of plastic Pall ring packing but up to a few pounds of weight; some heavy metal Pall ring packing, a metal Pall ring covering an area of about 200 - 1 cubic meter Filling 350 kg; ceramic Pall ring packing is one of the heaviest, covering an area of 1 cubic meter can reach 500 kg of weight. The Pall ring packing is a new type of packaging. The main disadvantages of some Raschig rings are improvement and appearance. The common rectangular box window of the Lacy ring wall is opened, the center ring of the small window leaf is constructed, and the upper and lower layers are overlapped. .


The main difference between the Pall ring packing and the Raschig ring packing is that the rectangular hole is opened in the wall, and the hole is bent into a circle outside the window, because the hole wall hole makes the gas and liquid distribution performance significantly improve the Raschig ring, especially The internal surface area can make full use of the ring. Plastic Pall ring packing is especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, alkali and other gases. The environmental protection industry is low temperature (60 - 150 degrees) distillation, absorption and washing tower and carbon dioxide degassing tower. The ozone contact of the tower reflects the contact with other reaction tower packaging, etc. The effect of apparent density is added to the filler dry mix material. It can be seen from the figure that the increase of the Pall ring packing has little effect on the apparent density, only about 1%. This is due to the better fluidity of the package, especially at high temperatures, so the addition of calcium carbonate between the particles reduces the friction between the PVC, PVC particles and the mechanical surface during mixing, thereby reducing the total friction material. And the volume of calcium carbonate, this phenomenon is more obvious. Studies have shown that the content of the filling is that the tube has a great influence on the processing performance.


When the filler content is low, because the filler particles are dispersed in the PVC, the PVC particles are prevented from melting, the plasticizing speed of the material is slowed, and the plasticizing time is prolonged, but the rigid PVC pipe can be effectively improved. Too much filler loading will increase the viscous material and the balance torque will increase. The research found that in the process of practical application, there is no need to change the extrusion die with added filler, the problem of large outer diameter of the tube, and the error in wall thickness size. This is due to the addition of filler particles to limit the rotation and movement of PVC molecular chains. So for all those affecting material properties on PVC molecular chains. Improve the modulus of the material to reduce the inflation rate and heat shrinkage rate. Therefore, the tube blank is cooled during the high-temperature vacuum sizing device, and the shrinkage rate is reduced. The wall thickness and wall thickness of the pipe are less than the original standard, and even lower than the standard limit.