Pall ring packing is a good water purification material

- Jun 28, 2019-

Pall ring packing is a good water purification material. Every step is very important. Special equipment gives us more functions. Pall ring packing gives us more pure water. The Pall ring packing consists of one or two layers of windows with the upper and lower windows staggered. The opening of the window is connected to the inner wall of the ring wall, and the other side is bent to the ring, the center of the ring is almost knocked open, and the upper and lower blades are bent in opposite directions. Since the opening, the communication loops on the inner and outer surfaces and spaces have made the distribution of liquids and gases. Therefore, the resistance, flow rate and mass transfer efficiency of doxycycline are significantly improved. About 30% of the gas and liquid in the packed tower can pass freely through the window holes. PP Pall ring packing is a kind of equal height and diameter hole ring packing, each window has five blades, each blade recursively to the center of the ring. At the position of two staggered holes, the hole area generally accounts for about the ring wall area. 30%.


The Pall ring packing has the characteristics of high porosity, low pressure drop and mass transfer unit, high immersion point, full liquid vapor contact, small specific gravity and high mass transfer efficiency. This structure improves the distribution of the steam, making full use of the inner surface of the ring so that the gases and liquids in the packed column can pass freely through the form. The shape and structure of the Pall ring can be divided into inner rib type, plastic Pall ring (meter), inner rib type, etc., which is called plastic Pall ring. The advantages of Pall ring packing, with extensive industry experience, have been extensively tested by various research institutions around the world. 2. The thickness of the material overcomes the shortcomings of the machine and can be used under corrosive conditions in order to use low-cost materials. Stronger weight is better than most other random