Precautions for using Bauer ring packing

- Jun 18, 2020-

Bauer ring filler is made of polyester materials such as polypropylene and PVC. These materials will announce some harmful substances to human body under high temperature. If other materials are used, the structural strength and purification function of Bauer ring filler cannot be guaranteed. It will also increase the cost of production. This situation does not meet the production needs of enterprises. It is well known that PVC materials have certain hazards, but they will only be generated at high temperatures. The industry has strict and strict rules for the use of Bauer ring fillers. When the ambient temperature exceeds 150 degrees Celsius, PVC raw materials cannot be used. Bauer ring packing, the molecular structure of pvc is extremely unstable under high temperature environment, and it will be softened and many molecules will be lost. These molecules have certain toxicity. Most of them are scattered into the filtered water. The quality of the water is polluted and does not meet the specifications. Requirements, this is not allowed in the water purification profession.

Except that it can not be used at high temperature, the application of Bauer ring packing is still appropriate and extensive. It can play an excellent purification effect in acid or alkaline water. The pvc material has strong corrosion resistance and is weak in weak acid or weak. Alkaline environment is almost unaffected. The application environment of the Bauer ring packing needs to comply with certain specifications, and the device method must also comply with the specifications. The device must be consistent from top to bottom to ensure the outstanding passing of the water flow, and to make the Bauer ring packing play the corresponding effect.