Principle of Pall ring packing

- Jun 25, 2019-

Do you know the principle of the Pall ring packing?


As the gas velocity increases, the friction between the two phase fluids. When the gas velocity increases to a certain value, the flow of the liquid is caused by the friction between the two-phase fluids, affecting the number of liquid packaging layers and increasing the gas velocity. This phenomenon is called a block flow phenomenon. Generally, the liquid that starts to stop the turning point is called the mounting point, and the surface corresponding to the mounting point is called the gas velocity of the mounting point gas velocity. After more than one mount point gas velocity, the slope of the p u / H ~ relationship line increases, which is beneficial to the increase of mass transfer rate. If you continue to add to the next turning point, the velocity of the liquid in the packing layer will increase, leaving the liquid packaging layer full of free space, resulting in a sharp increase in pressure drop. At this point, the liquid begins to transform into a continuous phase through the dispersed phase, and the gas flows from the continuous phase to the dispersed phase, through the stable operation of the Pall ring packing blister layer and the liquid column, and even destroys. This phenomenon is called