Production process of Filled PTFE Tubing

- Jan 03, 2021-

Steel-lined PTFE pipe is an ideal anti-corrosion pipeline for transporting high-temperature hydrogen corrosive media such as strong acid, strong alkali, industrial salt and strong corrosive gas. It has better chemical stability than other plastics. So, how is the steel lined PTFE tube made?

1. The seamless steel pipe is added according to the actual size. The steel pipe and the welding ring are welded. Manual arc welding can be used in the ring. Sputtering during welding must be cleaned with a file. Fillet welding has no sharp edges.

2. Make a small hole at the end of the steel pipe, mark it, and don’t block it

3. Insert the tetrafluoroethylene pipe into the anticorrosive pipeline. When flanging, use oxygen-acetylene flame to heat the mold. After heating, slowly press down the mold. After it is completely flat, cool it to ambient temperature with water, and then remove the mold.

4. Send the steel-lined PTFE tube to the special heating cylinder, connect the compressed air tube, heat the cylinder by medium frequency heating, and then slowly let the compressed air pass through.

The steel-lined PTFE tube processed in accordance with the above steps not only has the functions of acid and alkali and corrosion resistance of the PTFE tube, but also has the strength of the steel structure to achieve the effect of fusion of the two advantages. It is a new type of engineering plastic currently used in various industries.