Protection of the surface of the PTFE plate and installation of the PTFE plate for the stairs

- May 05, 2019-

The PTFE plate, although only three words, contains a lot of knowledge, so you need to firmly grasp this knowledge before you can use them flexibly in the actual work, and you can use the product reasonably in the right place, and then achieve the expected The purpose of use.


1. Can the protective film be protected on the PTFE plate?

The PTFE plate is a kind of insulating material that can withstand high temperature and low temperature and is corrosion resistant from a professional point of view. If you want to protect the surface of the PTFE plate from damage, you can use a protective film to protect it, and it can also avoid damage and good protection of the PTFE plate. However, in the specific type of protective film, a special PTFE plate protective film should be selected, which can have a good protective effect.


2.5mm and 10mm thick PTFE plates, which thickness is suitable for use in the construction industry?

From the current point of view, the construction industry uses more 5mm thick PTFE plates, mainly used on stairs, to reduce the impact of stair members on the rigidity of the main structure, and compared with ordinary slab stairs, there are some uses. The advantage, while the 10mm thick PTFE plate is suitable for use in other industries and can be used as an insulating material.


3. The PTFE plate for the stairs, how to install and fix it?

The stairs are fixed by the installation of PTFE plates. The specifics are as follows: firstly, the surface of the stairs is cleaned, there must be no sharp particles, then the plastic wrap is laid, and then the PTFE plate for the stairs is laid. After laying, it is bolted. Pay attention to the spacing and margins, and have appropriate values. When the above work is completed, the pouring work can be carried out, and all the work is completed.


4. Why can the PTFE plate be insulated?

The PTFE plate can be insulated. The specific reason is that the PTFE material used in the PTFE plate has poor thermal conductivity, unlike the metal material, which has good thermal conductivity. Therefore, it can isolate the heat transferred from the outside. Further, it functions as an insulation. In addition, this kind of sheet can withstand a certain high temperature instantaneously, and has high temperature stability and can be used in high temperature