PTFE board purchase factor considerations and some comparisons

- Mar 05, 2019-

PTFE board purchase factor considerations and some comparisons


The PTFE board, although only three words, contains a lot of knowledge, and needs to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding, so that it can be used correctly and reasonably, and then, while achieving the purpose of use, the product can be fully utilized. And avoid waste.


1. For the purchase of PTFE plates, should the relevant considerations be considered?

For PTFE plates, when purchasing products, it is necessary to take all relevant factors into consideration, and to conduct comprehensive and comprehensive considerations so that accurate judgments and correct choices can be made. In addition, what everyone needs to know is that as long as the factors related to product purchase are important considerations, they cannot be considered as some of them. Moreover, these factors are important considerations and need to be considered and not despised.


2. Does the different types of PTFE plates correspond to different processes? How to choose?

There are different types of PTFE plates, mainly molded plates and turning plates. From their name, they are made by different processes, the former is for molding and the latter for turning, so it cannot be confused at this point. In the choice, according to the processing environment and processing technology requirements to choose, choose the appropriate processing technology, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product.


3. There is a difference between a nylon rod and a PTFE rod. What about nylon sheets and PTFE sheets?

Nylon rods and PTFE rods, which are two different rods, and are very different in terms of material, properties and application range, while nylon sheets and PTFE sheets are two different sheets, so There is also a big difference, the main difference is also in terms of materials, performance and application range. Therefore, nylon plates and PTFE plates cannot be mistaken in selection and use.


4. Is the polyethylene sheet a Teflon sheet?

Polyethylene sheet, which can also be called PE board, can be simply referred to as PTFE board. In terms of material, the former is made of polyethylene and the PTFE plate is made of PTFE. Therefore, it can be concluded that the polyethylene plates are not Teflon plates or PTFE plates because they are The material is different. However, these are all plastic materials, so they are consistent in some properties, such as good corrosion