PTFE Introduction

- Oct 15, 2018-

PTFE (PTEE), more than other plastics have more excellent chemical properties and chemical stability, is to save and make up for non-ferrous metals, all kinds of metal can not solve corrosion, sealing and other aspects of the most ideal material, its characteristics in:

One, the use of wide temperature: can be used in the high and low temperature range of -200~+250°c, mild and extremely cold industrial equipment Tower festival, kettle, piping, valves, containers and so on.

Second, excellent chemical stability: almost all the organic, inorganic compound corrosion, (in addition to elemental fluorine, chlorine fluoride and molten alkali metal), has become the oil, chemical, atomic energy and other aspects of the most ideal corrosion-resistant materials.

Three, excellent electrical properties: high dielectric strength, dielectric strength of 30,000 volts/mm, in 0.1 mm thick film, dielectric strength of 100,000 kv/mm, dielectric strength does not vary with temperature.

Four, the abnormal surface is not sticky: by the molecular structure specificity, the surface polarity is small, to the general matter does not have the adhesion effect, the surface can only 18 dyne/centimeters, is widely used in the textile, the food, the paper and so on light industry aspect. Five, low coefficient of friction, self-wetting strong: friction coefficient 0.04, widely used in shipbuilding, machinery, aviation, textile and other aspects