PTFE plate has a very strong machine toughness

- Jun 18, 2019-

The PTFE plate is a new generation of artificially combined data. In the process of combining process polymers, the differences of this material are understood. Then in a wide range of implementations and applications, you will invent the strengths of this kind of information. In the sale process, you may see that there are more features in this process. What are the advantages in the purchase process? What?


First, it is resistant to high temperatures. Although in the case of employment, if there is PTFE board data, the acceptable temperature is as high as 250 degrees. From the beginning to the end, I understand that the employment situation under high temperature conditions can understand that the results are very special. The situation is still very good after being taken out. In this perspective, after seeing this high-temperature-resistant function, the city is widely used in many categories.


Second, low temperature resistance. Because the PTFE plate material has a very strong machine toughness, especially in the process of stable landing, it still can link a very long elongation, so at this angle, the function of seeing the low temperature is backward, and it is complete in many The results brought about by the employment situation in the industry are still very good. As long as you master the craftsmanship, there will be significant progress in quality.