PTFE plate product quality standards and what are the basic performance

- Dec 19, 2018-

A PTFE plate, which is one of the plates, is obtained by processing a PTFE material such as polytetrafluoroethylene, so this plate is called a PTFE plate. From the current point of view, this product is widely used, so it needs to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding, so that it can be used correctly and fully utilized.


1. What are the requirements for the quality of PTFE sheets?

The PTFE plate product quality should meet the requirements, which is specifically: the use of PTFE materials with good quality and performance to manufacture, to ensure product quality and product performance. In use, it should be simple and convenient, and it is not easy to cause failure problems during use, and it is not easy to be damaged or damaged. In terms of service life, there should be a long service life.


2. Is it convenient to purchase PTFE plates on the industry website?

Buying PTFE plates on the industry website can be said to be very convenient and easy to operate, but you need to know that you must first grasp the specific information of the products and manufacturers as well as the contact information of the manufacturers, which is convenient for telephone consultation. Through these, there is accurate judgment and correct selection of results, rather than wrong choices, so as not to affect the normal use of PTFE plates and their use.


3. What are the basic properties of PTFE?

The basic properties of PTFE plates are high temperature resistance, high lubrication, non-stickiness, corrosion resistance, sealing, electrical insulation and aging resistance. Moreover, if it is a good quality product, it should have good temperature resistance, high lubricity, and good non-stickiness, corrosion resistance, sealing and electrical insulation. In addition, there should be good anti-aging properties. Only by satisfying these properties can the PTFE plate have good performance.


4. Is there a difference between PTFE plates and modified PTFE plates? How does it bond steel plates?

The PTFE plate and the modified PTFE plate have a significant difference from the professional point of view, because the modified PTFE plate is added with other materials in the PTFE material, and further, the performance of the two plates is And the use is not the same. Therefore, based on this point, there will be this specific conclusion. The PTFE plate is bonded to the steel plate and needs to be treated with a special Teflon surface treatment agent before the bonding work can be performed.http://