Reasons why PTFE tube cannot be welded

- Jun 04, 2020-

PTFE tube can be used for a long time at 260℃. Above 200 degrees may begin to produce toxic fluorophosgene. Toxic gases exceeding 400 degrees are violently dangerous. The highly toxic by-products such as fluorophosgene and perfluoroisobutylene are produced during high-temperature cracking. The toxic gases are corrosive. It is recommended to work in open spaces with exhaust systems and wind direction vertical Don't let your body leak out of your skin, so wear a gas mask.

Answer 1: If fluorine poisoning is used in chemical operations, it is difficult to treat. Basically, there is no medicine. Listening to the teachers of fluorine chemistry, the specified method is to lie in bed and do nothing, especially not to be free to move. Otherwise, the condition will increase dramatically. Here are some information found on the Internet:

A large amount of accidental ingestion or exposure to fluoride can cause acute fluorosis. The main symptoms of acute fluorosis are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even intestinal bleeding, blood calcium balance imbalance, muscle cramps, collapse, and difficulty breathing; severe cases cause heart, Organic damage to liver and kidney, even coma. Patients with acute fluorosis can usually die or recover within 4 hours. This critical period is very short.