Should the purchase of PTFE products be cautious and can be used with gaskets?

- Apr 11, 2019-

PTFE tube, from the current point of view, it is a kind of pipe which is more common and often used, and has very good anti-corrosion performance, so it can be used in some places with anti-corrosion requirements to meet its application requirements. The following is to familiarize yourself with and understand this kind of pipe, so that everyone knows what it is and realizes the rational use and full use of the product.

1. Do you have to be cautious when purchasing PTFE? Does the relevant factor need to be compared?

The PTFE tube is used for product selection. From a professional point of view, this is an important task. It should be taken seriously and treated seriously, because if there is a wrong choice, it will have adverse effects. Therefore, we should be careful not to be contemptuous and sloppy. The factors related to the purchase are related to the purchase of the products, so they are all important considerations, and there is no distinction between them. Therefore, these factors cannot be compared. Moreover, from another perspective, such comparisons are meaningless and valuable and do not require this work.

2. What are the specifications and dimensions of the PTFE tube?

When purchasing a PTFE tube, it is necessary to determine its size and size, so as to ensure that the selected product can be used normally, so as to avoid product waste caused by mistakes in the selection. Generally speaking, the specification of the size is determined by the type and nature of the transport medium. It is necessary to look at the corresponding chemical phase fusion table to see if there is a chemical reaction between the pipe material and the transport medium to prevent the pipe from being There was a problem with the use.

3. Can I print words or patterns on the PTFE tube?

From the current technical point of view, it is possible to print characters or patterns on the PTFE tube, and it is not very difficult and complicated. However, it should be noted that this operation must be carried out correctly and in order to ensure the processing quality and processing effect, and to avoid problems in the processing process and affect the text or pattern effect.

4. Can the PTFE tube and gasket be used together? How to choose a gasket?

PTFE tube and gasket, the two can be used together, but it should be noted that the choice of the gasket should be correct, otherwise it will affect the effect of its use with the PTFE tube and the normality of the PTFE tube. use. In terms of selection, it is decided according to the actual situation, and look at the temperature, pressure, conveying medium and flange sealing surface. If it is required to withstand high pressure, a winding mat can be used. If it is also required to be used at high temperatures, a metal gasket can be